Integrity is one of our Core Values and so our Independent Representatives (IRs) are expected to be always honest and fair in conducting business dealings with QNET, with their network and with prospective customers.

We have a publicly available Code of Ethics and multilingual Policies & Procedures documents and all IRs are required to sign a commitment to professional and ethical marketing upon joining the business.

QNET is backed by the QNET Advisory Board, comprised of a team of legal and direct selling professionals, who offer industry advice and compliance guidelines to our IRs.

QNET’s Industry Advocacy

The Direct Selling industry, from time to time, gets hurt by wrongful associations with unrelated and unsustainable marketing schemes, mainly due to the lack of industry regulations in some countries. The solution that QNET strongly advocates is for more international governments to implement regulations that encourage and facilitate a thriving and honest direct selling market.

QNET always strives to be transparent and legitimate in its operations no matter where it does business and enjoins all IRs to adopt a consistent professional attitude.

QNET Compliance Flyer